Apple launches watchOS 6.1.3 correcting several problems

Apple has just released a new official version of watchOS 6.1.3 and it corrects some important errors detected. It seems that this update is due to problems with the tool that warns of an unusual heartbeat and other small errors.

In addition Apple also launched a new version of watchOS 5.3.5 For those users who cannot update the iPhone to the iOS 13 version. Without a doubt these updates arrive unexpectedly and new versions were not expected for all users today, but solving the problems and bugs detected is important and it seems that in this In case the update was necessary.

The previous update of watchOS 5.3.5 was released approximately four months ago, so we imagine that at this time corrected detected problems. In the case of watchOS 6.1.3 everything suggests that the problems detected are important and therefore the update is recommended as soon as possible.

Actually on my Apple Watch Series 4 I don’t notice any failures beyond a higher battery consumption than usual, but I doubt it really is an update to fix this. In any case, the new version is now available for download directly from the Watch application of our iPhone, in General> Software update. Remember that you have to have at least 50% charge on the watch and have it connected to the charger during the update process.

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