Apple in India amid rising prices and Trump’s help

Apple raised the price of some iPhone models in India after raising tariffs on imports wanted by the local government. Meanwhile, the United States has given Apple a hand to open the first store in India.

iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have undergone a price increase of 2% starting this morning, precisely because of the new duties on important goods in India. The increases are also the result of the withdrawal of the previous exemption granted by the government to Apple and other foreign multinationals on the tax of “social well-being“.

iPhone XR and iPhone 7 will not undergo any increase because vthey are produced in India and are therefore not subject to duties. Also for this reason, Apple is intensifying its work to increase the production of iPhones in India, including that of the latest models presented in September.

Apple has worked several years to establish a presence in India, a market that is becoming increasingly important for smartphone manufacturers. At the recent shareholder meeting, CEO Tim Cook confirmed the opening of the first Apple Store in India in 2021.

The company has had to wait so many years for a local law to prohibit the opening of stores to foreign companies, unless they produce 30% of the products sold in India. To speed up operations and obtain government authorization as soon as possible It intervened also the Trump administration, which has put strong pressure on India to turn a blind eye to the obligation to find a local partner in order to open the first Apple Store in the country.


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