Apple: GaN charger with 65 W fast charge?

A new report says several large companies, including Apple, intend to release battery chargers based on the new gallium nitride technology.

According to Caifa News, in addition to Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and OPPO, Apple is also strongly interested in this new technology.

Xiaomi has just recently released a new GaN charger that uses gallium nitride technology. How come all this interest? It is very simple, GaN chargers require fewer components than normal silicon chargers and can conduct much higher voltages over time. For example, you can provide one fast charging up to 65 W in a considerably smaller design.

For example, using the new 65 W Xiaomi charger, we can recharge an iPhone 11 with a 50% higher charging speed than Apple’s 15 W charger. In addition, the USB-C interface of the new Xiaomi charger supports the intelligent current regulation output, so you can safely recharge even a MacBook Pro.

Xiaomi said that Apple is really interested in investing in this technology, and we would not be surprised to see one of these chargers made by Apple in a short time.


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