Apple forced to use the removable battery on the iPhone?

The European Union it might require to Apple that a future version of the iPhone or iPad has a removable battery, a decision that could force Apple to make a major redesign of the devices.

The iPhone, as well as other premium smartphones, offers consumers a thin structure, an elegant design and waterproofness, all thanks to the way the internal components are assembled inside the frame. All this is possible thanks to the creation of devices with difficult-to-remove battery compartment, but it seems that the EU wants to reverse this trend.

In the leaked proposals, the EU would like to make it easier battery replacement in smartphones, with the idea that this can make smartphones more sustainable, allowing them to have a longer life and generating less electronic waste.

That proposal seems to be still in processing phase and will likely also include other sustainability measures, including changes to product recycling regulations. Such a request, however, could take many years before it becomes a law, due to the relatively slow nature of the decision-making process on the continent, but if it were really implemented we could see in the future devices made with a specific design for EU markets and we probably wouldn’t like it.

It is not the first time that the European Union has proposed regulatory changes that could affect the future use of smartphones, in fact just recently the European Commission voted to establish a common charging standard for all devices.


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