Apple document shows HomeKit support for routers

During WWDC 2019, Apple announced HomeKit support for routers, but no further details have surfaced since then, at least to date. A new document support recently released by Apple, however, offers new insight into how routers will work with HomeKit support.

The HomeKit support for routers it will add more protection for all our smart home accessories connected to the home network, controlling with which services and devices they communicate on the home Wi-Fi network and on the Internet.

In the Home app on our iPhone, iPad or Mac we will be able to customize the connection security level for each accessory compatible with HomeKit. The safest option will ensure that the accessory can interact with HomeKit only through our Apple devices.

These should be the three security levels we can choose from:

  • Limited to the Home app: the safest. Our accessory can only interact with HomeKit through our Apple devices. The accessory will not connect to the Internet or any local device, therefore any third party services, such as firmware updates, may be blocked.
  • Automatic: default security. The accessory can communicate with HomeKit and with the connections recommended by the manufacturer.
  • No restrictions: not sure. This setting ignores the “secure router” and allows the accessory to interact with any device on the network or any Internet-based service.

However, it seems that the installation process is somewhat cumbersome, in fact, as pointed out by Christopher Close on Twitter, will prompt you to remove and re-add all HomeKit accessories connected to the WiFi network.

There are currently no HomeKit-enabled routers on the market, but Eero is expected to implement the feature on its mesh routers soon, and Linksys will do the same with its Velop routers.


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