Apple device production passes from China to Taiwan

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Obviously not all the production of Apple products can be passed from China to Taiwan, but several of them as the well-known DigiTimes media indicates in its latest report. Most of the production of the AirPods, the iPad and Apple Watch, they would be among the products that are being produced in Taiwan because of the coronavirus outbreak.

To all this we must add that MacBook Air and MacBook Pro would already be assembling in Taiwann for days, so little by little what is intended is that in addition to the problems of supply of components do not add those of production.

Apple officially announced a few days ago that logically the sales predictions they made will be affected by the Covid-19 also known as coronavirus. This would undoubtedly be affecting more companies besides Apple and each one looks for outputs to the production of its products where it can. In the information released by the DigiTimes media, it is clarified that as long as the Covid-19 problem remains latent, the Cupertino company will try to transfer the maximum production to Taiwan.

Estimates of sales, production and other data are still complicated to manage or calculate, but it is true that next March an Apple event is expected and this could clarify some doubts. Really, the priority as we have been saying in each of these news related to the outbreak of coronavirus is people and although it affects the low production of China worldwide, it is essential that the virus does not continue to spread more and therefore they have to have factories closed, kept closed. Since some media claim that by the end of this month and the beginning of March Everything will stabilize again, but these are assumptions and will continue to wait.

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