Apple could allow the arrival of Spotify to the HomePod as well as open to third parties


There are many of us who have Apple devices, but have you ever stopped to think about all those Apple apps that you use in your day to day? They are many, and everything is because we cannot choose the native apps of our devices. But it seems that this is going to change, and it is that there are rumors of an opening of the boys of the apple, one topertura that could even allow us to use Spotify in the HomePod …

And they say nothing more and nothing less than the average American boys Bloomberg. And it seems that everything seems to the Cupertino guys are going to end up going through the ring of third-party developers. And all this is because there is increasing pressure from international organizations to avoid the monopoly of companies like Apple. What can we expect? Well, the first thing they have said is that this could be the gateway of Spotify to HomePod, something very interesting since Not only is it good for Spotify (and its subscribers), seeing it another way Apple could benefit greatly from the fact that many users enjoy other services and they may not want to buy a HomePod because of its limitations. If there are no limitations, surely Apple gets Sell ​​more units.

What does Apple claim not to open to third parties? safety. According to them, forcing them to use their entire range of applications on their devices prevents security breaches, something that partly makes sense. However, in the end, the end user wants to be able to do everything they want with their devices, and it is also true that Apple can control the use they make of certain data and continue to provide us with that security that they carry so much by flag. If this rumor is true, I already warn you that the opening will not be immediate, it will arrive after a long period of time, and if so, we would see it in some Keynote. So, let’s wait sitting …

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