Apple begins to apply restrictions on travel to Italy and Korea

Although Apple is publicly quite positive about the company’s coronavirus involvement, the issue changes a lot for employees. As Bloomberg has reported in a recent note, based on Apple employees, the company has made a series of recommendations for Avoid traveling for work to Italy or Korea.

Apple wants to be cautious with its employees

Every day there are many employees who organize trips outside the US to be able to do the corresponding commercial business. But obviously when making business trips to countries where coronavirus involvement is quite important, you can put them at risk to them and also to the company that should be responsible for these sick employees.

It is for all this that Apple has sent an email to its employees applying travel restrictions to Italy and South Korea. This is why company employees should only travel to Korea, China or Italy when there are critical business reasons. The person in charge of assessing these critical needs will be the vice president of Apple who must approve these company trips to the regions affected by the coronavirus.

But this does not mean that the commercial activity of the employees must be stopped. Remember that there are many alternatives to perform this activity using the latest technologies being able to hold virtual meetings through videoconferencing. Specifically, the email sent is remembered as follows:

There are many ways to continue managing our meetings and ongoing activities through calls and videos. If you have a planned trip, we suggest you work with your managers to consider delaying or canceling a business trip that could be postponed or managed through virtual meetings

In addition to the information on these restrictions, you also wanted to report that deep cleaning measures are being applied in different spaces such as shops, offices or transport services for employees. This results in the placement of disinfectant soap dispensers in front of stores.

To all this it has also been recalled that any employee who presents any symptoms of fever or severe cough will not be able to return to their job until they have a medical document proving that they are fully recovered.

And you, what do you think about these new recommendations that Apple has sent to its employees? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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