Apple attacks the Qualcomm modem design again

Apple is not delighted with Qualcomm’s industrial design

A few months ago we were fully involved in the legal war that existed between Apple and Qualcomm. This was possibly the reason why the iPhone 11 does not have the possibility to connect to 5G coverage. Although to the surprise of all both companies they buried the war ax and signed a collaboration agreement that opened the possibility for Qualcomm to participate in the production of future iPhone with its 5G modem. But it seems that Apple remains committed to wanting its own hardware on its iPhone, and I would not be “delighted” with Qualcomm’s hardware design.

As reported Fast company, since Apple would not be satisfied with the design of the 5G antenna module that Qualcomm uses. This is why they would be developing their own antenna module, since the one offered by Qualcomm ‘Does not fit the elegant industrial design that Apple wants for its new phone’.

Apple Qualcomm

But this does not mean that Apple will not use Qualcomm hardware. In the first moment they will continue to use their 5G modem but the antenna module would be designed by Cupertino’s own company. Although they are not sure of arriving on time for the production deadline of the new iPhone, they have a plan B in the bedroom that It uses both the modem and the Qualcomm chip. If you end up opting for this plan you should consider launching a slightly thicker equipment that is possibly not what you want.

What Apple is after is reduce the number of third party components in your equipment. That is why the company bought the Intel chip business in the future not having to rely on Qualcomm at all, although in the end they will have to go through the ring at the same time.

Apple has already made this strategy in the past, and failed

This would not be the first time Apple designs its own antennas and incorporates them into its equipment. If we look back, we must move to iPhone 4 when Apple used its own antennas. If you are veteran in the company, surely you remember the coverage problems that the iPhone 4 had and it was a consequence of this type of antenna.

It is said that mistakes are learned, and it is possible that Apple has learned from its past to make higher quality antennas. It is true that making 5G antennas is much more complicated since it sends and receives higher frequency signals so there is less margin for error. If Apple repeats the antenna problems we saw on the iPhone 4 again, we will have a pretty bad 5G performance, and this would be unforgivable.

We believe that the antenna and the modem They must be manufactured by the same company. We must bear in mind that these two components must go hand in hand in their operation to obtain the best performance, and this is achieved if both components are manufactured by the same company.

We must wait to see what Apple does and the strategy that follows in its iPhone 12. What we hope is that in the end we have the best possible 5G coverage, although unfortunately we should have in our hands a somewhat thicker iPhone.

And you, what do you think about this new information about 5G coverage? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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