Apple announces the winnings of the Night Mode contest

Apple had activated a new photo challenge that users around the world could participate in by presenting photos taken in night mode from iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Here are the winners.

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A jury made up of experts from all over the world has you are a winnerthe. This is Konstantin Chalabov from Russia, who with his iPhone 11 Pro he took this photo “that seems to come out of an espionage film set in the snow”, as Phil Schiller said.

Andrei Manuilov, also from Russia, took this photo between the buildings of Moscow with his iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Mitsun Soni took this picture in Mumbai, India, via iPhone 11 Pro.

The following is the photo taken in Pamplona, ​​Spain, by Ruben P. Bescos with his iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Another photo from Russia, this time taken with iPhone 11 by Rustam Shagimordanov.

The last photo selected was by Yu “Eric” Zhang and was taken in Beijing via iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Judges included Apple executive Phil Schiller, Apple vice president of marketing Kaiann Drance and renowned photographers including Malin Fezehai, Tyler Mitchell and Sarah Lee.

The winning photos will be shared on the Apple website and on the company’s Instagram, Twitter, WeChat and Weibo pages. The images may also be used in advertisements and billboards, as well as in the Apple Stores or in photographic exhibitions, even if organized by third parties. For the use of these photos, Apple will pay a license to the winning photographers.

Which one do you prefer?


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