Apple and its strange patent on car seats

The car seat is an important element, one of the main differences between a cheap and an expensive vehicle. There are cloth, alcantara, leather, imitation leather … In the variety is the taste, without thierness, it is the leather seats or similar elements that despite being more resistant and durable, have a number of problems that Apple It seems to want to solve. Right now we are planted with this patent, when we had almost forgotten the famous “Apple Car”. Be that as it may, the Cupertino company has patented a curious electronic system for vehicle seats.

Massagers, cooling systems, supports, anchors, movements … There is practically everything inside the seats of the vehicles, and often, especially in the leather seats (or simile) make the materials suffer, and also that the movements increase the heat of the seat. So I know They tend to stretch or deform causing unpleasant damage to seats that usually do not cost anything cheap. Apple, who cares a lot about this type of detail, has come up with a system to avoid these problems that can be caused by the different elements inside a car seat.

It includes a series of adaptive controls with rollers and covers that in In principle they could avoid these problems, even a kind of flexible hanger that would help maintain the firmness of the material. It would adapt the size of the seat and the supports to each user and thus extend the life of the material offering better results. A general description of a complex Apple technology for seats that seems well taken from Tesla itself, a specialist in this type of technology that you did not think necessary until now, will the intense rumors about the Apple Car return? We hope not.

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