App Store Confidential, which parts does Apple consider “extremely confidential”?

Apple will not disclose to the “App Store Confidential” publisher which parts of the book should not have been published, because the information contained within it is considered extremely confidential.

App Store Confidential

In practice, the book App Store Confidential which Apple is attempting to block publication would be so “confidential” that even Apple will not disclose which parts it believes should be considered as “classified“.

The publisher of the book has made it known that Apple does not intend to disclose these parts considered important and harmful to the company, because “this information is too confidential to be able to reveal to us what are the company secrets contained in the book“.

The book, published by Murmann Verlag in Hamburg, is a personal testimony of former manager Tom Sadowski, who worked for Apple until November 2019. The author denies the disclosure of trade secrets in his book. According to Apple, however, the book contains sensitive information that could not be shared.

Apparently, one of the parts considered confidential concerns the acquisition of Blinkist by Apple, but it is still a known news, reported by Tim Cook himself on Twitter. For now, the book remains on sale on Amazon.


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