“App Store Confidential” is already a bestseller on Amazon- iPhone Italia

As noted iMore, the App Store Condidential book that Apple tried to block is already in first place as bestsellers on Amazon. However, its content may disappoint many readers.

App Store Confidential

The book, published by Murmann Verlag in Hamburg, is a personal testimony of former manager Tom Sadowski, who worked for Apple until November 2019. The author denies the disclosure of trade secrets in his book. According to Apple, however, the book contains sensitive information that could not be shared:

Apple has long promoted a free press and supports authors of all kinds. We regret the way this person, who has long been an Apple employee, has violated our employment relationship, and his actions have left us no choice but to end his employment – a decision agreed with the worker representatives. All workers should have a reasonable expectation that the employment rules are applied fairly and fairly and all companies should have a reasonable expectation that their business practices will be kept confidential.

Meanwhile, the App Store Confidential has jumped to first place on Amazon in Germany also and above all thanks to the indirect advertising made by Apple with its complaint. A large number of users will have thought that if Apple is moving in this way, it will mean that the book really contains anecdotes and confidential information related to the App Store.

In reality, the book contains nothing so new respect to what was not already known on the App Store and Apple’s approval policies. There are some curious tales about Tim Cook’s visit to Berlin and several tips on how developers should present their apps to Apple, but nothing particularly new or secret. The rest of the book is just an account of numbers and data related to the earnings deriving from the sale of the app. The 180-page book, among other things, opens with a preface that explains how the facts contained within it are available to the public.

We therefore embark on a rather boring account of how Sadowski got his job at Apple in 2010 to promote iTunes, before moving on to the German App Store until 2014, when he then left the company. Each chapter of Sadowski’s book opens with pearls of wisdom pronounced by Steve Jobs, while the following text is far from revealing.

If you are curious and understand German.


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