Another possible manufacturer of OLED displays for Apple, BOE Technology Group


To the list of Samsung that will undoubtedly remain the main manufacturer of OLED screens for the iPhone, LG Display that also has a large part of the production and Japan Display that is currently responsible for manufacturing smaller OLED panels , now Apple could add to BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. As a new screen manufacturer. In fact, this Chinese company would be behind Samsung in terms of the number of OLED panels to be manufactured for Apple according to ETNews.

The report explains that BOE is investing in an important way in the new OLED panel manufacturing equipment and production lines, specifically plans to build 10 new module lines at its OLED B11 plant located in Sichuan. These new production lines will be used to manufacture screens for the iPhone. A few months ago it was said that this company would receive an order from Apple of about 45 million OLED panels for 2021 models and this may

Things have been going on for a long time in this company and since October 2017, BOE started with the production of flexible OLED screens in Chengdu, China, with an annual production capacity of 90 million screens. BOE, is considered in China as one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers speaking on this type of screens, so although it is currently not positioned as the third manufacturer of these panels for iPhone today, it is possible that it will become Soon in the third provider of this type of panels with Samsung and LG, yes, everything indicates that it will be next year. We will see if in the end it becomes or not the third provider of the Cupertino firm in terms of OLED panels.

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