Android version of Outlook now posts “No Phishing” sign

Microsoft Outlook is like the Swiss Army knife of personal information apps. It features an email application, a calendar, and a bottle opener and will also show you information about your contacts. The app is available from the App Store and the Google Play Store although just recently the Android version of the app was updated to version 4.1.27.
According to MSPoweruser, the new update allows users of both the paid and free versions of Outlook to report a phishing attack. These are emails that are designed to look like they came from a legitimate company, often one that the victim actually uses. The email will seek to obtain some personal information including social security numbers or account passwords. Microsoft says, “See something fishy? Report spam and phishing messages to keep your inbox safe. Find the new Report Junk option right where you find other actions like Archive and Delete. Available on Office 365 and accounts.”
Back in 2017, the Android version of Gmail added a feature that warns users if they click on a suspicious link. Such links are often included with bogus emails in order to collect the aforementioned personal information. Just a word to the wise; you should never include personal information when replying to an email, even if the email looks like it came from a company you deal with or even the U.S. government. Most legit companies and U.S. government agencies won’t ask for that data via an email. If you’re unsure whether an email you’ve received is legitimate, call the company or government agency that it supposedly came from.

Microsoft Outlook is available for iOS and Android - Android version of Outlook now posts "No Phishing" sign

Microsoft Outlook is available for iOS and Android

Microsoft Outlook now has over 100 million installs on Android which is actually an impressive figure considering that it doesn’t come pre-installed on Android phones like Gmail. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft optimizes Outlook and its other Android apps for its dual-screened Surface Duo phone. That device should be officially introduced in October and released during the 2020 holiday shopping season.


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