Android devices lose more value than iPhones

If your intention is to buy a smartphone and then sell it after a year, the iPhone is by far the best solution.

smartphone 2019

The new BankMyCell data confirm that, even in 2019, Android smartphone even high-end they have lost much more value than iPhones one year after purchase. The report took into account the value over time of almost 300 smartphones from different manufacturers, with unpleasant results for owners of Android devices.

During the first year, an iPhone typically loses 23.45% of its initial value, dropping to -45.46% after two years. It is an important loss of value, but it is nothing compared to one 700-dollar or higher-end Android smartphones, that it loses 45.18% of its value during the first year and even 71.41% in the second year.

But it’s not just expensive Android smartphones that suffer huge levels of depreciation. Even taking into account devices of $ 350 or less, the value drops by 48.65% in the first year.

Here are some examples:

  • iPhone XR lost 21.55% of its value in 2019, compared to the Galaxy S10e which lost 37.98%
  • iPhone XS lost -23.31% of its value throughout 2019, compared to the Galaxy S10 which lost 43.78 percent in just 9 months.
  • iPhone XS Max lost -25.51 percent of its value in 2019, compared to the Galaxy S10 + which lost 45.26 percent in just 9 months.

On average, smartphones Apple lost an average of 25.98% between January and December 2019. Sony smartphones 31.30%, HTC smartphones 32.01% and Samsung smartphones 34.42%. Google smartphones have lost 51.68%, while LG smartphones have lost 56.76%.

In short, Android smartphones are not a good investment if you want to resell them after a year.


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