Amazon Echo Show 8 officially available in Italy

Echo Show 8 connects to Alexa for listening to any information through quality speakers, but also with the ability to show images on an 8 “HD screen. For example, you can follow the lyrics of a song on the display, view photos, check the weather and traffic situation before leaving home, and much more.

Echo Show 8

This device also allows you to make one video call to the Alexa app or another Echo device with a screen without using your hands. You can also use the Announcements function to send voice messages in all rooms where there is a compatible Echo device, or call with Drop In from one room to another. Obviously, the screen can also be used to view video content such as those of Amazon Prime Video.

As for the privacy, on Echo Show 8 you can disable the microphones and the camera by pressing a button, or disable only the camera by sliding the appropriate integrated camera cover. You also have the option to manage your voice recordings and delete them at any time.

Amazon Echo Show 8

As with all Alexa devices, even with Echo Show 8 you can control devices for the smart home such as lights and switches, ask for information of various types, manage automated scenes and much more. You can also listen to the latest news, weather forecasts and traffic information, or ask for sports results, cinema programming or other information using the many skills that can be installed from the app.

The dimensions of the new Echo Show 8 are equal to 200.4 mm x 135.9 mm x 99.1 mm for 1037 grams of weight, with pre-order availability in black and light gray. The price is € 129.99, also available in 5 monthly installments of € 26.


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