All apps on iPhone can access the clipboard

A new demo shared by Mysk researchers it makes light unrestricted access of all apps to the clipboard on iOS.

ios clipboard

In the video, the researchers created a fictitious app that records all the information collected in the clipboard on iOS. When the user copies an image, the app can immediately see its content and related metadata such as the location where the photo was taken. Also widget installed on iOS, they can silently collect the data copied to the clipboard, without the user’s knowledge.

What is shown in the video is not particularly new, but remember once again that on iOS the clipboard can be read by any app. Some of these applications use this function for useful functions, such as Facebook which is able to paste the image previously copied by the user into a post. However, there are also other apps that, on the other hand, access this data for no particular reason.

The researchers made the video as a sort of reminder for remind users that data copied to the iOS clipboard can be read by apps. Among other things, thanks to the synchronization between iOS and macOS, apps can also read the contents copied to the Mac which, generally, are much more sensitive.

Mysk said it had reported the matter to Apple, but the company says it doesn’t consider it a security risk. In short, everything works as it should and there are no bugs.

Apple could resolve the issue by entering a toggle that allows users to allow or not allow apps to access the data saved in the clipboard, just like Bluetooth, Contacts or location. Among other things, while apps must be opened by the user in order to access the clipboard, widgets can access this data without particular restrictions.

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