Alarmy, the best alarm clock app for iPhone

Alarmy is an application that will force you to get out of bed if you want it to stop ringing. This solves the problem we may have and is that we turn off the alarm and say ‘5 more minutes’. After saying this it is always more than 5 minutes and then we arrive late to our work or to the institute. That is why we must resort to different solutions that we find in the App Store and that replace traditional alarm.

Alarmy, the application with which it is impossible to sleep

Upon entering Alarmy we will be asked for different permissions such as notification so it can ring when it is locked. Once this is done we will see the main screen of the application where all the alarms that we have already set are shown. To set a new alarm simply click on the ‘+’ found in the lower right corner.

Once we are in the alarm configuration window, the most interesting thing without a doubt about this application is the section ‘mission’. Here we will find different challenges that we will face each morning so that the alarm can be silenced. That is, if we want to stop the alarm sound we should not press a simple button but we will have to solve an equation, take a picture or shake the mobile. Specifically, the different missions we find are the following:

  • Shake: As the name implies, you must shake the iPhone a number of times that you can defend yourself. We can also choose the sensitivity when detecting movements to know how strongly we should move the mobile.
  • Take a photo: With this option we will be totally obliged to get out of bed. We can choose to select a picture of our refrigerator or sink so that we have to get out of bed and leave our room. It is true that we must be careful with which object we choose to photograph since if we choose a plane that varies with the light it may not be perfectly detected.
  • Math problems: If you want to start the day with a spin, this is the right mission. You can choose to silence the alarm by solving a mathematical equation that can be very simple to solve or that you need to have a calculator on hand to do so.
  • Barcode / QR code: If you have toothpaste or a book on the shelf, it also has a barcode. You can scan it with the application and if you want to silence it you will simply have to scan that barcode every morning. This is a good system also to force you to get out of bed.
  • Memory games: As in the case of the equations, with this mission you will also start the day by training your mind. With this challenge you must memorize the location of some cards and click on them so that the alarm is silenced. Obviously its difficulty will also vary according to your tastes.

The other options are quite similar to what we found in the native application of the alarm on our mobile. For example we can select which day of the week should be repeated and also the sound that will emit the alarm. We must say that there are both very subtle music and strong alarm sounds that are undoubtedly highly recommended for those who have a very deep sleep. It is important to say whatand the application should not be closed So that it works normally.

And you, have you tried this application yet? Do you think it will be good for you? Leave us your comments in the comment box.

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