AirPods Pro return on Amazon discount

Apple’s AirPods Pro have landed again on Amazon, with immediate availability and at a discounted price of 265 €.

The AirPods Pro bring several new features, such as the active noise cancellation function, a clear and more immersive sound, and an extremely light in-ear design. Each model uses advanced noise canceling technology, which uses two microphones combined with advanced software for continuous adaptation to each ear and earphone. In this way the background noises are eliminated, the listening experience is even more personal and the listener can really focus on the contents, whether it’s his favorite song or a conversation on the phone. Read our full article to find out all the other new headphones.

The AirPods Pro have the same great autonomy as the AirPods, for five hours of uninterrupted listening. In active noise canceling mode, AirPods Pro offer up to four and a half hours of listening and up to three and a half hours of conversation on a single charge. With some extra charging through the wireless charging case, you get over 24 hours of listening or more than 18 hours of talk time.

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The product is sold directly by Apple, with a 24 month warranty. Immediate availability at the price of 265 €.


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