A journey into the Valley of Fire, is the new “Shot on iPhone”

Shot on iPhone

We think it is simply spectacular and is that “Shot on iPhone” usually offer some images along with spectacular landscapes and all recorded from an iPhone. In this case the video is completely made with an iPhone 11 Pro and Apple shows the “Valley of Fire” in Las Vegas like you’ve never seen it before. Wind and water sculpted this place for over 200 million years and it really looks wild and inhospitable.

This is the result of the new “Shot on iPhone” recorded entirely with an iPhone and posted on their official YouTube channel:

Obviously the light conditions and the place itself make this landscape look really spectacular, but do not forget at any time that these videos are recorded with a phone and this a few years ago was really unthinkable. This campaign offers really spectacular videos and puts us in front of the possibilities of creating spectacular videos with our own device. In short, you can learn many tricks and keep some details of this type of ads and then add them to our creativity when recording our own video.

Logically, the level of these videos of the “Shot on iPhone” campaign is very high and most of all we must highlight the production work and subsequent edition of the ads, but you can get some interesting tips to take advantage of the shadows or even to make our own “time lapse” with the iPhone.

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